OFC Poker
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OFC Poker - Open Face Chinese Poker White Label Software
Golden Horseshoe Gaming's brand name for its OFC Poker is OFC CASH GAME.
Golden Horseshoe Gaming is one of the only companies in the world that offers White Label Open Face Chinese Poker software for sale. This software will be customized and branded to an operators preferences.
Open Face Chinese Poker has been exploding onto the poker scene for the past several years. It is an exciting game that originated in Eastern Europe among some Hi Limit players. The game has been migrating west ever since. Becoming a favorite side game at many large tournaments around the world.
This OFC Poker software includes 4 different variants of the game plus Regular Chinese Poker. There are ring games plus tournaments. Social Casino, Free Play versions to Real Money versions. Multi Table playing ability, Private Tables, Leaderboards, Multilingual and more.
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play money site
The Social Casino Market reached 2.8 billion in revenue last year. That's an increase of 38% from 2013. The market is expected to grow to 3.5 billion by the years end. What does this mean for Play Money Sites ? Times are good and getting better ! More players are joining, playing, and paying for play chips, subscription fees, in-game or in-app purchases more than ever before.
Social Casino Gaming unlike Real Money Gaming is an industry to itself. Social Casino Gaming is also an industry in demand.
With OFC CASH GAME Play Money version join in on the Social Casino revolution. Want to offer Open Face Chinese Poker to players in the U.S. ? With this Play Money Site you can. There is no gambling here players are playing against other players for play chips. The Play Money Site offers the exact same games as tournaments as the Real Money Site. With this version you can open your doors to players around the globe. Players will pay to compete against other players. The thrill of competition and getting their name on top of leader boards alone has proven to keep players playing time and time again.
The OFC CASH GAME Play Money Site is also ideal to offer in conjunction with the Real Money Site. This allows new players to to get comfortable with the game before wagering any real money. Also it allows players in regions where online poker for real money is prohibitive to play and practice with the same games that the real money players are playing. It is quite common nowadays to see online poker rooms offering both versions Real Money and Play Money to accommodate all customers.
The business model for the Play Money Site ( Social Gaming ) is based on revenue from purchases of play chip bundles, subscription fees, paying time collection, in- game or in-app purchases.....
With the OFC CASH GAME Play Money Site the world really is your market.
real money site
OFC CASH GAME Real Money Site allows Open Face Chinese Poker players to play against other players for real cash. One of the only sites in the world that offers Open Face Chinese Poker software for real money gaming. This software is available for purchase.
The different game variations are one aspect that sets OFC CASH GAME apart from the others. The variations include Standard, Pineapple, Turbo, Super Pineapple & Regular Chinese Poker. There are tournaments for each variation. Tournaments include heads up , short table sit n gos, to multi table tournaments. Players also have the ability to multi table and play several tables at one time. Private tables are available for invited guests and private games.
The OFC CASH GAME Real Money version allows operators to choose and set their own type rakes. The traditional pot rake is available. However the time rake or time collection is also available. This is a more realistic live game method which is used in many live high limit poker games. With the time rake option players must pre pay for a certain amount of time at the table. It is usually based on 30 minutes of time but operators can choose their own time lengths and amount to charge players per time. Players enjoy this option because when they win a pot they win 100% of the pot.
OFC CASH GAME Real Money Site is perfect for existing online poker rooms looking to add new games. New online poker rooms looking to offer Open Face Chinese Poker exclusively. Online Casinos, Sportsbooks,and other online gaming operations. OFC CASH GAME will integrate this software into operators existing systems and or platforms.
play on mobile
Mobile gaming is the darling of the gaming industry at the present time. Mobile penetration of the casino market went from 3% in 2012,19.9% in 2013 , and to 35% in 2014. Mobile Gambling is expected to grow at double digit rates to reach 40% of the the total online gambling market by by 2018.
OFC CASH GAME Mobile Site will allow players to play Open Face Chinese Poker on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. This is where the online gaming experience is headed as millions of users are spending more time playing a variety of all types of games on their mobile devices. Poker players are part of this trend. Just take a look at thousands of players playing at the World Series in Las Vegas the last several years. Many of these players will be playing in a live tournaments or cash games and at the same time playing another poker game on their smart phones or tablets. This is quickly becoming the norm with serious to casual poker players all alike.
OFC CASH GAME Mobile Site is currently under development and should be completed in the next several months. Once completed this will allow operators to provide players not only with smart phone and tablet versions of Open Face Chinese Poker but also custom made apps. Yes operators will be able to sell their own white label customized mobile apps with OFC CASH GAME exclusive poker software.
The Mobile Site will open new doors for operators whether it be for play money, social gaming or real money versions.